Do Mobile Service Providers Need Public Liability Insurance?

Posted on: 16 June 2022


If you plan to set up a business as a service provider, you may decide to "go mobile." You may want to avoid the expense and hassle associated with a brick-and-mortar establishment and may be able to perform your services on a customer's property instead. Yet you will need to ensure that you are properly protected in the event of an insurance claim and will need to think about what type of coverage you should have. What should you consider with this type of business?

Standard Interpretation

Some people think that you only need public liability insurance if you operate within your own property. Surely, this type of cover is designed to protect you while a third party is actually on your premises. So, if you slip and fall on a wet floor, you will get the insurance company involved rather than having to deal with a lawsuit.

Travelling Risk

While public liability insurance can certainly help in this scenario, the risk travels with you even when you are mobile. You will need this level of coverage even if you are on somebody else's property as you perform your work.

Considering an Example

Imagine that you are a beautician. In this case, you may travel to people's homes to perform skincare routines or help them with cosmetics, and this involves some personal and one-to-one attention. What would happen if you had left your treatment bag on the floor in their living room when somebody else came into the room and tripped over it? If they sustained injuries, they would consider you to be liable. After all, they wouldn't have fallen over that bag if you hadn't been there to place it.

Understanding the Scale of the Risk

As you can see, the act of providing your services creates a potential risk. Accidents can happen, but you need to be as prepared as possible at all times. You cannot simply leave things to chance or hope that people would be kind or understanding in the event of any incident. The injured party may certainly assume that you have insurance in place and may be prepared to pursue you for damages together with their legal costs.

Getting Your Protection

So, people who provide their services on a mobile basis also require public liability insurance coverage. Before starting your new enterprise, talk with an insurance adviser to get their advice and ensure coverage is in place. For more information on public liability insurance, contact a professional near you.